Mark D. Overholser – “The Apple Guy”

Hello..   I’m fairly new to the CoCo.  But I am a long time 8 bit
computer user…

I got my first CoCo, a CoCo 3, New In Box ( NIB ) in 2012.   It came
with with a complete Apple //e Platinum System.  I realized that the
Coco 3 has the Motorola MC6809, which is from the same family that the
MOS 6502 was designed from, so I decided to keep it.

That NIB, CoCo 3 became the start of collecting some CoCo 2’s and some
CoCo 1’s and a Tano Dragon, as well as various “classic hardware” and
modern hardware for the CoCo family.

I had been an Apple ][ User since JAN-1982, and an Apple ][e Owner since
NOV-1983, a Sinclair ZX-81 Owner since APR-1983 and a Commodore SX-64
Owner since APR-1986.

I have quite a few Apple ][s, Sinclair ZX-81s, Commodore’s and assorted
Support Hardware and Software as well as my CoCo’s.

I have been a “groupie” of ogStevieStrow since he went to CoCoFEST! #26,
and following his Interviews with L. Curtis Boyle and “famous people of
the CoCo’s Past”, I was attracted to his “volatile”, No-Nonsense Style,
that makes you want to “join in”.   When ogStevie asked for a group to
join him on a Skype Call, for a Weekly Live Stream counting down to
CoCoFEST! #27, I joined, even though I wasn’t able to attend that year.
I was on CoCoTALK! #001, and have been present on most shows since then.

I am Mark D. Overholser, “The Apple Guy”

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