More LIVEr than EVER!

CoCoTALK! has always been a live an interactive medium, and in that respect, we’ve been fairly unique and innovative in the Color Computer broadcast media, for sure, but probably even in the wider spectrum of general retro media broadcasting.

The live and interactive, until recently was only available to those watching on YouTube, and “everyone else” was limited to a later replay.

Over time the live broadcast to YouTube became a multicast with simultaneous live streams on YouTube, Facebook like, Twitch, Mixer, and recently, Twitter’s Periscope live video streaming service.

But what about the listeners? Those who for a variety of reasons choose/need to listen to the audio version of the show, shouldn’t they be able to have a live and interactive experience, too?

The answer: YES! They should, and now they do! We’ve moved the audio podcast hosting to Spreaker which allows for live and interactive audio podcasting. Moving forward, when we live stream the video show, we’ll multicast the audio podcast live as well, and you can interact via live chat on the Spreaker web page or mobile app. Make sure to follow us on Spreaker and join the live audio podcast revolution!

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